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" At "Il Poggio" there is an hill-top house, an olive grove and a small vineyard. There are centenary trees, traces of sharecropping life and sights of the rolling countryside. Mostly, from "Il Poggio", there's a truly breath-taking view over San Gimignano. "

Nestled among oak and cypress trees, on top of "Il Poggio di Monteoliveto", our farmhouse looks straight over San Gimignano and its famous towers, framing one of the most evocative and unique panorama of this region.
From "Casa del Poggio" the vista stretches out from the Chianti valley to that of the Valdelsa, and finishes on top of the medieval village of San Gimignano, in a stunning combination of greenery, history, nature, charm and Tuscan landscape.

Here, a stone's throw away from San Gimignano (800 m), tourists, travellers and artists find not only lovely accomodation, but also serenity, peace and a place that truly offers inspiration.
Hidden by our natural cradle they can experience the precious simplicity of rural life and the silence of the countryside.
Walking a romantic stroll through the shady oaks planted along the "Via Vecchia", the old Roman road, our visitors can reach the main historical gate of the walled village of San Gimignano in just 10 minutes.

Our farmhouse is ideal for those who are "just" passing through and want to enjoy San Gimignano without the stress of having to find somewheare to park. Furthermore our place is perfect for anyone in search of silence, serenity and direct contact with nature.
Our hill-top house gladly opens Its doors to those who want to explore the hinterland, and need a base where they feel at home and where they can get advice about possible itineraries; "Il Poggio" is also ideally located for those pilgrims making their way along the "Via Francigena", they can find here shelter and refreshment; for a lovers romantic getaway, a family vacation or a weekend away with friends.

From "Casa del Poggio" all the sites of both tourist and cultural interest -Volterra, Siena, Florence, Pisa and Chianti- are conveniently reachable by car or public transportation (the bus stop is merely 150 m away). San Gimignano, in Valdelsa, is located right in the heart of Tuscany, and is therefore a good starting point from which to explore the immense wealth and attractions of this stunning region.

We would like to remind our guests that at "Il Poggio", we still very much observe a farm and family tradition built on values such as hospitality, a sharing of and love for the land; imagination, creativity and sustainable progress and development.
We welcome all those who wish to discover the real, non-touristy aspects of our country, who arrive with a smile, curiosity and genuine enthusiasm.
We welcome with open arms happy people, animals and pets, dreamers, musicians, Vegans, homosexuals, ethnic and linguistic minorities.

We have three bedrooms with beautiful views overlooking the hills - Mandarino, Menta and Carcadè - and each is carefully furnished with original items, that have been handed down by various generations and have been lovingly restored to their original splendor.
Each room is characterized by Its own unique colour scheme and style, each enjoying Its own private bathroom and free wi-fi.

We produce with dedication and love: wine, olive oil and organic fruits, you are more than welcome to sample all of these specialties at any point as they make their way from the tree to the table.
We are traditionalists, but also anti-conformists and lovers of small talk and chitchat; we are opposed to all forms of discrimination, violence, aggressive attitudes and behaviour.
We teach diverse subjects at the farmhouse such as Yoga, herbal medicine, philosophy, painting, esoteric sciences and biodynamic agriculture.