"Casa del Poggio" is a typical country house, on two floors, made of terracotta bricks. The apartments that we rent are on the 1st floor. Two rooms - Mandarino and Carcadè - are oriented to the north and overlook the Chianti Valley and the Apennine mountains; the other room - Menta - has turned to the south, toward Santa Lucia and the Abbey of Monteoliveto.
Each room has a large bright window, its own bathroom, TV and wifi coverage.

We have a private car park, and a covered shed for bikes and scooters. San Gimignano can easily be reached on foot (10 minutes walking) through the "Via Vecchia", a beautiful and charming ancient scenic path, studded with fields and farmhouses. Along the way there are also a supermarket and the detour to reach the Via Francigena.

Outside there are land, forest flashes, gardens and open spaces, which can be walked and explored in complete freedom. In the backyard there is an arbor with arranged a small kitchen available for our guests, for a quiet meal surrounded by fireflies and candles. On request the women of the house can cook for you! we just remind you that we don't cook meat cause we're vegetarian and we only use certified organic ingredients and strictly seasonal fruits&veggies.

As breakfast we offers 3 different menu that you can choose the night before for the next day, to be enjoyed in the lounge or, weather permitting, in the courtyard, in front of San Gimignano towers.

Our staff is a small community of artists, herbalists and Masters of Yoga; agriculture, gardening and biodynamic experiments are our Crafts. Our guests can participate in the daily activities of the Poggio, from pruning to harvest; or they may just join us in the fields to taste how is delicious a peach when you pick It from the tree, or in the cellar to help us to bottle our wine gaining a bottle for free! Extra virgin olive oil, red wine, spirits, vegetables and fruit are all specialties we produce and we would like to share with you.

Our philosophy is to live as well as we can, in balance with the ecosystem, ourselves, and the others; to contribute to your happiness and your well-being is for us more than a job.. It's a pleasure.


The Farmhouse is quite modern. It was built in the earlies '70, It was built where an outbuilding of an annex of the historic farm Becucci used to stand. In this same area there used to be storage space for straw and pens to house chickens and rabbits.
In ancient times, At Il Poggio, our ancestors produced wine, oil, and grew several kinds of wheat and fruit; the property was originally formed by a big house, various sheds, a well, some cellars, a small strip of forest and a valley full of crops.

Becucci was the surname of my grandmother, Mara, the eldest daughter of Luigi, who was the son of Alessandro, who was the son of Raffaello, the Founder.
Raffaello is the oldest member of the Becucci family that we have a direct memory of and remember clearly, Raffaello is also the first Becucci to have lived in this area according to our collective family memory. However according to the "General Land Registry of the Mainland" of 1795, our family has been present in this region long before Raphael was even born.

Raffaello’s birth happened in a unique, almost supernatural way; for the period in which he was born, his birth was truly extraordinary. His birth was actually of three male triplets. All three boys were born alive and strong; it was an almost mystical, sacred birth which seems to be a blessing for this important genealogical line which was just at its beginning of creation.

I always paid attention to this aspect of our magical genesis enough to believe that my family is born together with this land and these trees, that our roots and those of il Poggio are weaved together in both their origin and their substance. We are not noble people, nor do we tell any heroic deeds of our famous ancestors, but we have given so much of ourselves to il Poggio that we are now completely and eternally bound to this farm; and we are proud of this tight connection that we have cultivated between us and il Poggio, our fates are intertwinned.

The agricultural family business of Becucci ended with the last product sold being a Chianti Colli Senesi 1995 wine labeled by me with Coccoina.
Later, my grandfather continued to produce red wine, Vernaccia, oil and Vin Santo by the very same methods that his father had used and had passed down to him; and he subsequently taught me the same production techniques, as learned from tradition, and he showed me how to take care of the vineyards and olive groves.

As the il Poggio landscape constantly changes shape and colour, with each change, images and traces resurfaces of how the countryside used to be and how it is today, contained within this small green paradise.

Luigi, my mother's grandfather, was a fox hunter, but also a great music-lover; he would very often lie down in the yard and put on a music disc to enjoy the music outdoors.
My grandmother had very long black hair, and she lived amongst the trees, with goats, chickens, cats, dogs and peacocks.
The peacocks sang a verse that still gives me the thrill of summer evenings from the fresh breeze to the summer waves of the sea; The peacocks slept below the holly oak which stood elegantly over the cellar, this tree is a sacred giant that has existed for 550 years.
And the fireflies light up the black night that encompasses the valley, and as one looks out and enjoys the view of the village, San Gimignano seems to be suspended in mid-air, floating in the sky.

Now, there are just the three of us. Myself, my mother and my grandfather, Cesare who was Mara’s great love.

Cesare has not spoken for more than three years, due to a stroke that he suffered 7th November, 2014, after which I decided to go home and take charge of and responsibility for my precious inheritance, creating this "Casa del Poggio"; it officially re-opened at the start of the summer season of the following year.
All of the past life and history of il Poggio died with the voice of my grandfather; what we still remember fondly and sentimentally of il Poggio and its history is the force that moves us and drives us forward; and what work we can still do forms the future of this place, this vision and future, we are building with our own hands and we would very much like to share it with you.